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How BARCF Came About:

Bay Area RC Fliers, originally from Coos Bay Oregon, are a group of model aircraft hobby enthusiast that are here “For The Love Of The Hobby”! The club we now call “The Bay Area RC Fliers” has been around Coos Bay/North Bend since the 1970’s and was reorganized in the 1980’s. AMA Charter #1637. The Bay Area RC Fliers are a group of people who love to build, fly, and discuss radio controlled model aircraft.

We are AMA Chartered:


We are chartered by The Academy of Model Aeronautics, the national organization for Model Aviation, known simply as the AMA. There are several thousand clubs similar to ours in The United States. Our club is #1637 and any current AMA member is eligible for membership with BARCF. Click here to learn more about The Academy of Model Aeronautics and how to obtain membership!

AMA Insurance, By-laws, and Safety Rules:

All AMA and club members in good standing, are protected by liability insurance through their charter and their club dues. However, for insurance to be in force, the club and the members must adhere to the by-laws and safety rules established, by The AMA, and each club must establish rules for its flying sight. Each member is provided a copy of the BARCF Field Rules and BARCF Safety Code and are expected to comply with them.

Club and AMA Dues:

The current annual dues for AMA Insurance are $75 per person with some discounts given for youth, Senior Citizens, and additional family members. The Club Secretary has application forms or visit the AMA on line by clicking here. 

Annual Membership dues in the Bay Area RC Fliers are $50 annually with youth memberships being free for people under the age of 18. The fiscal year for BARCF begins July 1st of each year, and dues are pro-rated to accommodate new members joining after July 1st at $4.25 per month.  You will be required to pay a one time $15 membership fee as well as a $5 one time key charge, in addition to your first years dues. Please click here to begin your Membership Application PDF download.

Club Meetings:

The Bay Area RC Fliers meets the first Tuesday of every month, 7:00 PM sharp, at the C.F.P.A/Oregon Department of Forestry, 63612 Fifth Road, Coos Bay, OR 97420. Atop Bunker Hill. Click here for driving instructions.  If you are visiting from out of the area, and wish to attend our meeting, please contact Del Willis to confirm the date and time of the meeting. Often in the Summer months, weather permitting, we will meet at the club flying field. Del Willis PH: 541-756-1827

Field Information:

Our grassy runway measures approximately 360 feet by 65 feet, and is on Public Land, leased by the club from The City of Lakeside. Lakeside State Airport-9s3 to be exact, where we co-habitat with our full scale brothers and sisters. This a low usage grass field so it is a great relationship between model and full size aircraft. The field is maintained, our portion that is, by the membership and is under the supervision of the Club Field Marshall, an elected officer in the club. As a part of our agreement with the Lakeside State Airport, the front gate must remain closed while we are flying and must remain locked when we leave the flying field for that particular day.

Field Location:

If you have flown with us in the past, please note we are flying from a new location as of June, 2016. We are proudly located at the Lakeside State Airport-9s3, in Lake side Oregon. 400-668 Airport Way, Lakeside, OR 97449. Click here for driving directions. You will enter the second driveway, from Airport Lane, by the hangars, on the East side of the runway. Our runway parallels along side of the actual runway with our overfly facing the West. Please keep in mind, this an active State Airport and all though it may be low usage, we must always be vigilant when flying and heed the right away to full size aircraft. We have an aircraft radio at the field for this very reason and require you fly with a friend or spotter. Club members are encouraged not to fly alone. But we have a fly at your own risk policy same as AMA.

When We Fly:

We fly most any day of the week, weather permitting. Weekends are popular among those who work during the week, and retired members fly pretty much anytime there others at the field. Weekdays are often favored by beginners because the field is generally less crowded during the week.

If you are a visiting flyer, please contact a club representative to make arrangements to enter the field when club members are flying. Remember, you must have a current AMA membership card to fly at our facility. For safety reasons, no member or flier is allowed to fly alone at the field.

A Challenge:

If you would like to fly and /or build (miniature) model aircraft, we challenge you to join the Bay Area RC Fliers, and share in our sport. If you are a Novice, we have qualified instructors,  who can teach you to build and fly safely, with minimal or no damage to your aircraft and ego! Our instructors meet the AMA requirements and are very knowledgeable. There is no charge for this service.

For more information and how to join, please contact one of the following club representatives.

Clarence Neufeld PH: 661-303-1793

Del Willis PH: 541-756-1827

Or use the provided contact form and someone will respond to you shortly. Remember, Have Fun and Fly Safe!

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